Chkoun ? Hassaaaan Hajjaaaaaaj !!!!!

Born in Morocco in the early sixties, 
Hassan Hajjaj moved to London aged 14 years old. 
Rapidly independent, Hassan set‐up his own fashions label R.A.P. in the 80’s. 
His creation already reveals his capacity to bridge British and Moroccan culture.

Progressively, Hassan investigates and translates his background into Artwork
His photographs refer to stereotypical imagery such as the Odalisque
a 19th Century symbol of Oriental exoticism, 
and icons of contemporary fashion
He highlights the power of image and branding, 
juxtaposing the iconography of contemporary culture 
and consumerism with classical references. 

He includes and contrasts visual elements of both Islamic and European culture
Familiar components from contrasting cultures are integrated to create 
an unexpectedly rich and seductive environment
The frames are an integral part of the photographic image using modern packaging
which echoes designs such as mosaic patterns.

His salon installation is equally compelling. 
Creating a vibrant playful space where brands and signage 
are incorporated and transformed into household items
The viewer is drawn into an interactive social space 
where furniture and everyday objects made from recycled materials 
reflects the color and atmosphere of the souk.

Either through photography or installation
Hassan is keen to explore
the perception/reflection relationship between the Orient and the Occident.

By Chloe B

Photographies of Hassan Hajjaj are available at :
Matisse Art Gallery 
Passage Ghandouri, N° 43, Guéliz, Marrakech, 
Tél : +212 524 44 83 26

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  1. Sublime mix des cultures...et tellement bien °inspiré°... j'adore!! bravo!
    je relaierais bien si possible sur mon blog???